Many sculptures I’ve done in the past incorporate some contour lines or paralleled silhouettes with solid fabricated sections. (see the moose, grizzly, golfer and other pieces) This ensures that the viewer acknowledges the fact that the sculpture is fabricated and original.

I have sculpted a grave marker that represented an identifiable likeness of the deceased, I’ve done neo classical nude works with convincing anatomy, and have loved mastering the subtleties of fabric folds, foreshortening, metal blending/welding (8 different kinds of welding machines now) and texturing. I love mixing metals to bring out all the colors of shines and patinas, and I get very excited to incorporate contemporary or art nouveau aspects into the work! The future is bright. I love trying my capacity to create art works substantial enough to be celebrated by even the hyper critic, and that deliberate upon the magnificence of the Heavens and Earth and their wonders!